Sunday, 15 March 2015

Come Alive


This blog was created as a space to showcase my creativity as well as thoughts and my life.I wanted to share myself to the world. I titled it Vibrance my wonderland after my final collection when studying design. The name was meant to empower an atmosphere filled with the depths of your imagination and create a land where yours wildest dreams could come true as well as represent the colourful vibrance in life. In saying that the name of my collection was a perfect out reach of the same creativity I wanted to fill my blog with.

One of the main things that keeps me going in life is creativity. I live for it. Without it I believe this world would be a very dull place. Lately I've been using one main art of creativity that I'm still a little reluctant to share with the world at this point. But don't worry I'm sure I will be willing to share soon. It's quiet the surprise and a bit of a career change for my self. Its scaring yet fun and thrilling at the same time. 

I find when I start something new I generally pour my heart and soul into it. Although its a great outlet of creativity and I love what I'm doing. I have found that I've lost my self a bit in the process and need to add balance back into my life. I've left my original fashion designer side slip away and I'd like to take control and gain it back. Sure.. I'm still dressing my self well and creating new looks "to di for " but I've stopped designing, creating, sewing and blogging. I feels as though telling you guys aka "the world" will motivate me to bring some of my old self back!

In saying that I am going to continue my new Journey and still pour my heart into it as much as I can. But the difference is, I'm going to start having me time to unleash my inner imagination and let it run wild!!!       

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Xo Diana. D 

For those of you guys who do follow me sorry for the Hiatus! This girl is finally back in town for good!!!  So enjoy, be merry and follow me into a world of VIBRANCE MY WONDERLAND 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

TBT- Keeping it Cool

~Comic Con
~Cos play
~Logan Echolls/Jason Dohring
~Veronica Mars
~Fan Girl
~Frozen, Game of Thrones, Avengers
~Epic day

I can still remember this very day in detail as it was the day I meet one of my teenage crushes, Mr Logan Echoll's from the television show Veronica Mars. It was quite an exciting day. I'm embarrassed to say I was a typical fan girl, although I didn't scream or cry or anything like that haha. I was more the type when I meet him I was speechless and didn't know what to say. Then when I got his autograph I had a serious case of word vomit I just couldn't stop talking and embarrassing myself. I told him how he was my teenage crush and that he looked ridiculously hot in the navy/marine outfit in the movie. How embarrassing.

Note to self, learn how to keep your cool around celebrities!

Xo Diana

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The week with fashion- R-U-N-W-A-Y 4


Lime drop 

Leonard Street

Matcho Suba





I'm a model, you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk...

Runway 4 was the show I was lucky enough to attend this Spring fashion week. We were graced with the presence of labels such as Bul, Kuwaii, Chorus, above, and Tettman Doust, Matcho Suba , Lenard St , Lime drop and Gorman

The start of the show introduced a trend of a very plain neutral colour palette. The structure was quite simple and supported a clean cut look. It was the look of a classy business women in her comfort clothes, but yet they were very stylish with vibes of sheer sophistication. The second half was more to my liking, as you guys have gathered by now, I love colour! Anything with prints, patterns, polka dots, stripes and all the colours of the rainbow I absolutely adore! The creativity with prints of Gorman and Lime drop is what brought the show to life as well as the remarkable talent in structure from the piece of Matcho Suba. I was very impressed by his use of what appeared to be his inspiration of Melbourne and it's Luna Park.

Gorman- There vibrant artistic pattern brought life to their collection and complemented the silhouette  of the garments really well. I loved the clash of prints in the fabric pattern. It supported a girly retro look as if the print had been hand drawn with markers. I loved the laid back feel. It was very stylish yet looked comfy. 

Lime drop- I am in love with those holographic heart sunnies. They went so well with the collection. I really enjoyed the print of what I imagine to be from the inside of crystals or outer space. The use of geometric shapes added intrigue and mystery, leaving you to marvel over every angle of the garment. 

Leonard Street- Theres nothing I love more then a clash of prints as well as fabrics. Leonard Street were quite guilty of both. With this idea came a styling of a fabulous collection. I adored the contrast in colour clashes it worked so well together in the collection. The looks combined the attitudes of day and night wear all in one, leaving us as consumer a perfect look for day or night wear depending on how it's accessorised.

Matcho Suba- What to say about this collection... I was very impressed, the creativity in the structure of a garment was divine. The use of leather and its complement to the female bodies sihoulette was very pleasing to the eye. There's nothing more beautiful then the shape of a women's body. 

Tettman. Doust- The use of watercolours like fabric prints showed femininity with its soft beautiful nature. The soft fabric draped well on the model body which appears perfect for the warmer weather to come. The use of crochet over-layers appealed to your edgy/rustic side.

above. - Oversized blazers and giant bows showed us this business women is not all about being busy but has a fun quirky side. The business at the front and party at the back dress shirt implied this collection was for a women who loves to work as well as party. With a colour palette of soft greys and bright whites it self promotes a Chic look which changes the old stereotype of a plain business women's ensemble.

Kuwaii- I do love a nice baby blue and Kuwaii brought this colour to us in a very pleasant way. I quiet adore their chino pants. When mixing the colour to a print it was quite complementing. There basics shapes worked well with the fabrics creating ideal looks for this spring/summer season.

Chorus- There look appeared to be clean cut and white with feels of minimalism. Then it took quite a 
u-turn into a sunset. They use of bold colours and embellishments
 brighten the collection up and gave a futuristic edgy look. 

Well thats my 2 cents on this years Runway show. I hope you enjoy, Until next years spring fashion week. I once again quote the words of the one and only
 Coco Chanel 

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your Runway

So show it who's BOSS and walk it well!

Please note photos above were not taken by myself

Xo Diana

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The week with fashion - Russian doll

I'm not generally one to post thousands of pictures just of my self, but with an outfit like this I couldn't resist. I needed to show the world. The one thing I pride myself in is styling and putting a look together. This years fashion week I was quite excited to show off my threads. My inspiration this year was 70's bohemian inspired with a mix of russian and french vibes. Being as it was the start of spring, a floral dress was perfect to suit the season as well as beautiful day. The dress was vintage handmade which I paired with a russian styled vintage suede coat. The outfit was accessorised with a mustard beret and clutch. To top off the look I paired it with my oversized cat eye sunglasses which I absolutely adore! 

Tune in to my next post to see the...


Xo Diana

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

TBT- The one with a hot ball of lava

So as you guys have probably gathered by now I'm a bit of nerd and I'm darn proud. As you can tell from the images above I love Starwars and Lord of the rings and many other Sci-fi/fantasy/anime shows. Supernova is an annual event I love to attend. It's filled with amazing merchandise and you get to meet stars from your favourite films and series what's not to love. Plus everyone dresses in Cosplay which is awesome. I'm yet to do Cosplay, I always run out of time to make something. My Princess Leia fabric is sitting in my fabric stash as we speak! I remember the day to be quite swell, it was mainly based around my sister meeting the cast of Adventure Time. As you can see in the image above she got to meet Jake aka Bender in Futurama ( John Dimaggo) and Finn (Jeremy Shada). I also got to meet them as I waited in line with her...score.My goodies this time round were pretty much Walking Dead based as I love that show and Daryl Dixon CLAIMED haha. So excited only one month to go until it's back on yippee!!! 

I look forward to next years Supernova, I hope Alyssa Milano and Julian McMahon comes oh that would be something!

Hope ya'll have a splendid day 

Xo Diana